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Renée O'Connor is now on Instagram.


Cheyne Curry

Cheyne Curry (author of Clandestine and The Tropic of Hunter) has posted a bit of fan fiction involving Renée O'Connor's character in Dean Teaster's Ghost Town. It's called Aces and Eights (The Ballad of Little Jack) and is "The story of Little Jack as seen through the crystal blue eyes of Madame Birdie?s prettiest prostitute."


Obscurus Lupa with chakram she got for Christmas 2013

Obscurus Lupa, whose reviews of the film ALIEN APOCALYPSE and the Xena episode MARRIED WITH FISHSTICKS are on this website, did her review of AMERICAN NINJA 5 sitting in front of a Gabrielle poster. Lupa has also reviewed the INTERACTIVE XENA DVD'S.

Night Game / Terror at London Bridge DVD set artwork


NIGHT GAME (1989), the first film in which Renée O'Connor appeared, is now available as part of a 2 DVD set. (The other film is TERROR AT LONDON BRIDGE (aka Bridge Across Time) with Adrienne Barbeau and David Hasselhof.) Amazon has it for $15.


Renee O'Connor - Xenacon 2015 - photo by Vicky Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless - Xenacon 2015 - photo by Vicky

Photos above were tweeted by Vicky, who posted many excellent pictures from the convention on her Tumblr page, JORJAFOXLUVR.

Photos below are by Chakram City, Brunella Franca, AUSXIP, and Jen Tucker.

Renee O'Connor - photo by Brunella Franca Musetta Vander and Paris Jefferson - photo by Chakram City

Jennifer Ward-Leland - Xenacon 2015 - photo by AUSXIP Jacqueline Kim - Xenacon 2015 - photo by Jen Tucker


A recent Renée O'Connor's painting, Friend in Need Dragon, sold on eBay for $1,500. She said that the work (below left) was inspired by the final episode of Xena, and proceeds will go to a documentary she is filming about her mentor, Mary Rocamora. O'Connor's painting Green Eyes (below right) sold on eBay for $1,425.00.

The Friend in Need Dragon - painted by Renee O'Connor Green Eyes - Renee O'connor oil painting


"There are moments when you are acting when you have no separation from the character, and of course the goal is to have that all the time. I think it may be easier on some levels to do the theater because you can sustain this feeling longer without breaking in and out. I love these heightened moments in any capacity I can get them."
- Renée O'Connor (AUSXIP interview)


Renee O'Connor, Kumari Bakhru, Dawn Higginbotham, and Maja Zimmerman

O'Connor and friends at the Cannes premiere of David Cronenberg's MAPS TO THE STARS. Photo by Pina de Rosa.


Xena - by TEENSY WEENSY WOMEN'S FETISH LINGERIE LUST by Teensy Weensy Women's Fetish Lingerie has named one of their creations Xena. The black version is marked down to $25, but the pink is still $76. (Did Xena ever wear anything pink?)


XENA XXX, the parody by writer-director Jordan Septo, is available on DVD for $31.94. Xena is played by Phoenix Marie and Lexi Belle is Gabrielle. Other Xena characters depicted are Autolycus, Cupid, Ares, Aphrodite, Draco, and Alti. See opening credits below.

Renée O'Connor at Fantasy Con
in Salt Lake City, UT.

Sears, Wilkinson, and O'Connor at FantasyCon in Salt Lake City


The lead story in the new book Women and Middlehood - Halfway Up the Mountain by Jane Treat and Nancy Geha is Renée O'Connor's account of her 1996 Kilimanjaro climb. The book can be purchased online from the authors' website for $19 (paperback), and the authors will autograph the book for you and among the optional free audio stories available with the purchase is O'Connor's To the Roof of Africa read by Jane Treat. They describe the subject of the book this way:

Middlehood women – from 40 to 65 – are in a powerful and rich time of life, but we are also struggling to come to grips with the changes going on within us. These contradictory feelings are brought on by both growing strengths and the waning of familiar ways of life. It often feels like climbing a mountain.



Tim Omundson - Eli

In 2003 O'Connor performed the A.R. Gurney play LOVE LETTERS, an epistolary chronicle of two characters' 50 year relationship, in London opposite Tim Omundson. Omundson was Eli (bringer of Christian Mythology) in XWP.


Macbeth art

Renée O'Connor was Lady MacBeth in the Shakespeare by the Sea production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth from 27 June to 16 August 2002. It was directed by Anna Andersen (not the one who thought she was Anastasia). Patrick Vest was Macbeth. He also has written and performed a one-man show about Henry David Thoreau, and is now a member of the NEW AMERICAN THEATER Studio Ensemble. Kent Toussaint was Macduff. He was also Kent in ACCIDENTS DON'T HAPPEN, a 2000 film with Renée O'Connor.

Renee O'Connor as Lady Macbeth


The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation is a California-based nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing burns and fires and providing services to those who have been affected by a burn injury.

The Richstone Family Center helps parents to strengthen their knowledge, emotional control, and parenting skills to provide a safe environment for children in the home and the community and give children the tools to be healthy physically, socially and mentally. is not affiliated with Renée O'Connor, nor is it affiliated with any group or organization.

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