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Renée O'Connor interviewed by the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN IN FILM podcast (Episode 17).


Renee O'Connor and her two children, Miles and Iris

Renée O'Connor is among the celebrities included in Chef Ellamarie Fortenbach's new book, COOKING WITH ELLAMARIE, CELEBRITIES & KIDS. Fortenback tweeted a photo (below) of O'Connor and her two children, saying "Renee O'Connor is always a warrior and such a wonderful delight. Are you a fan of Eggs Mornay, like Renee and family?" The book can be ordered from Fortenback's website ($35).


Cheyne Curry

Cheyne Curry (author of Clandestine and The Tropic of Hunter) has posted a bit of fan fiction involving Renée O'Connor's character in Dean Teaster's Ghost Town. It's called Aces and Eights (The Ballad of Little Jack) and is "The story of Little Jack as seen through the crystal blue eyes of Madame Birdie?s prettiest prostitute."


Obscurus Lupa reviewed the animated interactive DVDs XENA: DEATH IN CHAINS (2001), and GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN (1999) The sound from DEATH IN CHAINS is a bit faint and somewhat frustrating to try to make out.

Heidi Anderson - one of the voices on the Xena interactive DVD's The voice actors credited in that first animation are: Heidi Anderson, Beau Billingslea, David Coburn, Susan Davies, Mick Murray, Nicholas Omana, and Jasmin Pearl. The credits do not indicate which voices which of them did. Both disks are available on Netflix.


The following actors who appeared in the TV series THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS also appeared in XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS:

Alison Bruce (Queen Melosa) as Agnetha
Michael Hurst (Charon) as Kvasir
Jennifer Ward-Lealand (Boadicea) as Karen
Josephine Davison (Cleopatra) as Elisabet
Sara Wiseman, who appeared with Renee O'Connor in an episode of Mataku, is in
6 episodes as Helen.


LAST CHANCE, a TV drama by Dawn Higginbotham starring Renée O'Connor is about Carrie (Renee O'Connor), a woman running from her violent past, who is introduced to the Last Chance Organization, a vigilante underground, run by ex-cop Marnie (Claire Risoli). Others in the cast are Randy Crowder, Andrew Pinon, Rene J. Villarreal, Robert C. Pullman, Holly Rockwell Pullman, Brian Sabowski, and Valerie Whitlock.


A recent Renée O'Connor's painting, Friend in Need Dragon, sold on eBay for $1,500. She said that the work (below left) was inspired by the final episode of Xena, and proceeds will go to a documentary she is filming about her mentor, Mary Rocamora. O'Connor's painting Green Eyes (below right) sold on eBay for $1,425.00.

The Friend in Need Dragon - painted by Renee O'Connor Green Eyes - Renee O'connor oil painting


Grit Wheatly (left) and one of her paintings

Grit Wheatley is an artist who divides her time between Birmingham Alabama and Nordhausen, Germany. Clearly a Xena fan, she has done paintings of Gabrielle, Xena, Renée O'Connor, and Lucy Lawless. Her paintings can be seen in the restaurant "Alt Ellrich" in Ellrich, Germany or on her YouTube Channel.


"There are moments when you are acting when you have no separation from the character, and of course the goal is to have that all the time. I think it may be easier on some levels to do the theater because you can sustain this feeling longer without breaking in and out. I love these heightened moments in any capacity I can get them."
- Renée O'Connor (AUSXIP interview)


Xena - by TEENSY WEENSY WOMEN'S FETISH LINGERIE LUST by Teensy Weensy Women's Fetish Lingerie has named one of their creations Xena. The black version is marked down to $25, but the pink is still $76. (Did Xena ever wear anything pink?)


XENA XXX, the parody by writer-director Jordan Septo, is available on DVD for $31.94. Xena is played by Phoenix Marie and Lexi Belle is Gabrielle. Other Xena characters depicted are Autolycus, Cupid, Ares, Aphrodite, Draco, and Alti. See opening credits below.


The lead story in the new book Women and Middlehood - Halfway Up the Mountain by Jane Treat and Nancy Geha is Renée O'Connor's account of her 1996 Kilimanjaro climb. The book can be purchased online from the authors' website for $19 (paperback), and the authors will autograph the book for you and among the optional free audio stories available with the purchase is O'Connor's To the Roof of Africa read by Jane Treat. They describe the subject of the book this way: Middlehood women – from 40 to 65 – are in a powerful and rich time of life, but we are also struggling to come to grips with the changes going on within us. These contradictory feelings are brought on by both growing strengths and the waning of familiar ways of life. It often feels like climbing a mountain.

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