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Renée O'Connor as Laura Sue Dean

O'Connor is a naive starlet from the midwest (self-portrait?) and somehow her film debut runs afoul of a bunch of fundamentalist christians led by Rockford's old buddy and con-artist Angel. Jim Garner is funny and this is one of ROC's better roles in the 90's.

This was the second (of 8) Rockford TV movies (the series ended in 1980).

- Bettie Draper, sister of main female character

Renée O'Connor as Bettie Draper in Follow the River The real Mary Ingles (portrayed by Sheryl Lee) was an ancestor of the Little House on the Prairie family. Look for Ellen Burstyn as Gretel. Not a terrible movie, but you have to like that sort of thing. ROC's character has limited dialog and is sold into slavery early in the film. As Bettie Draper is not very likeable, this turn of events does not induce sympathy.

The DVD issued in 2006 comes with a music CD. The 2005 DVD does not.



Produced by Steven Nash. Film about mental illness.

Unable to locate this. Apparently it was distributed as an educational video. Another cast member was Jana Robbins.   Shauna Giesbrecht was Assistant Makeup Artist. Giesbrecht was also Asst. Makeup Artist on 12 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2003. No other information available.

- The Lost Kingdom - Deianeira

TV movie. This role led to O'Connor's being considered for the part of Gabrielle. It is curious that this series used the Roman name for the main character, rather than the Greek (Heracles).

Hercules is provoked into fighting Gargan, a giant with whom he had no quarrel, and defeats him easily. Then a dying messenger begs him to come end Hera's rule of terror in the "lost city of Troy", which Zeus, tells him can only be found with a magical compass which was last seen in the possession of Queen Omphale. In the process of searching for the Queen, he frees Deianeira, who is about to be sacrificed (willingly) to the river god to end a drought. Hercules defeats the 48 sons of the gate guardian and arranges to be sold at the annual slave market to the Queen, who wants to sleep with him. It is not clear if he does that, but he gets the compass from Omphale. He and Deianeira get swallowed by a sea monster that ends up coughing them up near Troy. They find her father, the dying king of Troy, and prepare an army of Trojans to reconquer the city. Hera's soldiers, whose leader wants to sacrifice Deianeira (just natural sacrifice material I guess), are defeated.

Hercules and the Lost Kingdom. Renée O'Connor as DeianeiraRenée O'Connor as Deianeira

In the subsequent film HERCULES AND THE CIRCLE OF FIRE, Deianeira was played by Tawney Kitaen and was unrelated to the Deianeira played by O'Connor in the previous film. It must have been a very common Greek name. The character Phaedra (Stephanie Barrett) was offered to Anna Paquin (it was the year after THE PIANO) but she turned it down.

Elizabeth Hawthorne (Queen Omphale) would later be Alcmene in 6 episodes of HERCLUES THE LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. She was a news reporter in the Xena episode "Send In the Clones".

DARKMAN II: THE RETURN OF DURANT - Laurie Brinkman (Darkman's sister)

Renee O'Connor DARKMAN 2

In this sequel, Darkman has perfected his synthetic skin, and is horrified to learn that his nemesis, Robert G. Durant, is alive, and that has constructed a laser weapon. Using disguises and great physical strength, Darkman defeats Durant.

At least this time O'Connor gets to be the sister of the main character, though she has only a few lines. Kim Delaney is in this. The film went directly to video. It was not released in theatres.


NYPD BLUE - Oscar, Meyer, Weiner (Season 1 Episode 10) - Rebecca Sloane

Renée O'Connor as Rebecca Sloane in NYPD Blue

The investigation focuses on the brutal murder of a wealthy family. (As a relative of the victims, ROC gets to be interviewed by Sipowitz.) Lastarza orders Janice to cooperate with the mob resulting in a death. Kelly works on his relationship with Janice as she tries to keep him out of her current situation. Sipowicz takes a statement from a gay writer whose Academy Award was stolen.

Renée O'Connor in "The Flood" Renée O'Connor in "The Flood"

A flash flood on the Guadalupe river on 17 July 1987 near Comfort, Texas swept a bus from a nearby road. Forty-three students returning from bible camp were on the bus at the time. Ten of them drowned, the rest were rescued mostly from treetops. On April 18, 1989, the story was aired as part of the pilot episode of Rescue 911 and it was later made into this film.

Joe Spano of Hill Street Blues starred in this one. Holly Brisley was the Training Video Woman in the film SCOOBY-DOO (2002). David Franklin (Dave Villareal) was Brutus in four episodes of Xena, Warrior Princess.


The Adventures of Huck Finn

Disney flick with Anne Heche. Not a terrific interpretation of Huck. ROC plays one of a pair of sisters and I do not think she has a spoken line (the other sister does). The film employed no digital effects and no sound stages were used in the production. Tom Sawyer was not used in this film either, which will be something of a surprise for people who have read the book.

SWORN TO VENGEANCE - TV movie - Sergeant Stewart's daughter

Renée O'Connor in Sworn To Vengeance

Sergeant Stewart (Robert Conrad) investigates three macabre murders, making use of a psychic in the investigation. Based on actual events in an unspecified Texas town.

Others in the cast were: William McNamara, Gary Bayer, Sharon Farrell, Peter Breck, Tom Atkins, Kurt McKinney, Paul Scherrer, Meg Witner, Dori Brenner, and Monica Creel. O'Connor appears for about 20 seconds, sleeping.


Amy Hathaway The late Leo Burmester

Directed by Ed Solomon and Andy Wolk, this hour-long ABC TV series with Amy Hathaway and Eric Balfour was a parody of "Cops", and was a sitcom without a laugh track. It lasted only 4 episodes (the fifth episode was never aired). Episode titles were:

  1. Pilot - aired 18 August 1992
  2. Homemakers and Hookers - 19 August
  3. Oaxitajaca - 26 August
  4. Labor Day - 2 September
  5. Family Values - never aired

The regular cast members were: Leo Burmester as Officer Bill Ruskin; Ron Eldard as Officer Donnie Walsh, Chris Mulkey as Officer Pete Walsh, Lee Garlington as Connie Ruskin, Amy Hathaway as Rhonda Ruskin; Eric Balfour as Billy Ruskin, and Joe Simmrin as Seth Ruskin.

O'Connor was in only one episode, and since the name Jade Pearl sounds like it might belong to a hooker, she might have been in episode 2.

Renée O'Connor in Blue Fiber Renée O'Connor in The Millionaire Murders

episode title: Blue Fiber Pt.1 & Pt.2 - Ofc. Renée Lanot

Officer Lano goes undercover as a hooker to catch a serial killer. O'Connor wore brown contact lenses for this episode. With Tom Hallick and Ian Blackman.

episode title: Millionaire Murderer - Tina Marie Risico

The millionaire referenced in the title would be Christopher Wilder. amd Risico was a victim who was allowed to escape. With John Lawlor and Rex Lynn (as Christopher Wilder).

Host was Pernell Roberts. AUSXIP has some stills and clips.

"Millionaire Murderer" (Episode 1.16) is on YouTube under the name "The Kidnapping of Tina Risico". (O'Connor's name is misspelled in the credits, but it's definitely her.)