ALIEN APOCALYPSE - with Renée O'Connor as Kelly

Director:     Josh Becker
Producer:     Bob Perkis
Screenplay:     Josh Becker
Co-starring:     Bruce Campbell, Neda Sokolovska, Remington Franklin
Release Date:     26 March 2005
Length:     88 minutes
Aspect ratio:    1.78:1
Genre:     SciFi
Interesting Character Scale
        (Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):

Astronauts return to earth to find it occupied by giant termites. The President of the United States is in hiding, his term long ago expired. The alien termite overlords are not nice people and occasionally bite off people's heads, literally. They have enslaved humans for the purpose of harvesting trees and converting them into lumber for them to eat, sort of like people covert cows into steaks.

Astronauts Ivan and Kelly, who apparently do not have last names, give the ex-President a pep talk, organize a rebellion and defeat the termites.

THE SQUARE-CUBE LAW prohibits termites of the size depicted in this film from being able to survive in earth's gravity. The law can be stated as follows: When an object undergoes a proportional increase in size, its new surface area is proportional to the square of the multiplier and its new volume is proportional to the cube of the multiplier.. Any bug that big would collapse under its own weight, because their skeletons are on the outside.

O'Connor does not appear on the French DVD cover of Alien Apocalypse. The woman who does appear is probably Rosi Chernogorova (Bizzi). What I would like to know is who played the astronaut with the broken leg who gets killed at the beginning of the film. She is not credited at all, and the character is never addressed by name.

Bruce Campbell and Renee O'Connor kiss Bruce Campbell and Neda Sokolovska The Rebels Termites Bruce Campbell and Renee O'Connor Astronauts bound Headless astronaut The resistance


Renée O'Connor - Captain Kelly Lanahan
Bruce Campbell - Dr. Ivan Hood
Remington Franklin - Alex
Michael Cory Davis - Captain Charles Burke
Peter Jason - President Demsky
Neda Sokolovska - 2nd Lt. Aida Munoz
Vladimir Kolev - Fisherman Bob
Valentin Giasbeily - Tyler
Velizar Binev - Manager
Danail Obretenov - Foreman
Chavdar Simeonov - Alien Leader
Anton Trendafilov - Jeff
Rosi Chernogorova - Bizzi
Georgi Gatzov - Baker
Plamen Manassiev - Isaac
Mike Butterfield - Senator
Bogomil Atanasov - Washington 1
Patrisha Palmer - Older Woman
Hristo Kunovski - Old Man
Dimitar Kuzov - Bounty Hunter 1
Krum Iapulov - Bounty Hunter 2
Jonas Talkington - Bounty Hunter 3
Zlatko Zlatkov - Bounty Hunter 4
Nikolay Georgiev - Bearded Guard
Todor Nikolov - Mountain Man Bill
Rendon Ramsey - Mountain Man Bill(voice)
Assen Blatechki - Crazy Man
Katt Masterson - Walla group