BLACK SNOW - starring Renée O'Connor

Director:     Frank Patterson
Producer:     Frank Patterson & David McLeroy
Screenplay:     Brian Rogers & Joel T. Smith
    Jane Badler, Peter Sherayko, Lindsay Devereaux
Release Date:     21 March 1990 (France), 4 June 1990 (Portugal)
Length:     96 minutes
Aspect ratio:     4:3
Genre:     Action
Interesting Character Scale
(Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):

This was Renée O'Connor's film debut. In 1990, this film was released in France and Portugal under the title La preuve par 9 mm (Proof by 9mm), and as Missão Droga (Drug Mission).

Travis Winslow (father of O'Connor's character Jennifer Winslow, played by Peter Sherayko) gets trapped in the middle of a drug war by the nefarious Shelby Collins (Jane Badler). After his brother Matt is killed, neither Travis nor anyone else knows the location of the last cocaine shipment Matt smuggled. The cops and two rival crime lords think Travis knows. Hence, Jennifer's grandfather gets killed and Jennifer gets kidnapped, affording the opportunity for Renee O'Connor to be bound to a chair for a couple of scenes. (She does eventually get rescued.) O'Connor also rides a horse in this one, while wearing a Whole Foods t-shirt. In 1989, O'Connor did a WAREHOUSE SAFETY VIDEO for Randall's Food Market, a chain of 116 supermarkets in Texas. Whole Foods is also a Texas-based food chain.

Cheryl King and Marilisa Lokna in R2D2: BENEATH THE DOME Cheryl King as Elise the Waitress in Black Snow Cheryl King Yarmo (Elise the Waitress) has a role in the 2010 Canadian film MARY, which stars Trisha Echeverria" target="_blank">Trisha Echeverria and Craig Cyr. The film has apparently not been able to find a distributor. Yarmo's film appearances are rare. This is only her fifth since she was a nurse in EXTREME CLOSE-UP (written by Michael Chrichton) in 1973. In 2004 she was "R2's chick" in a TV mocumentary on the life of R2D2, called R2D2: BENEATH THE DOME

Totally unrelated note:   1989 also saw the release of a hardcore porn film titled "Snow Black and the Seven Wienies" starring Alex Storm and Penny Lane.

Renee O'Connor, bound and being threatened in BLACK SNOW Stranglehold Renee O'Connor Jennifer Winslow shoots Shelby Collins - BLACK SNOW Jane Badler Karen Williams and Corrine Basinger Karen Williams Tom Heard Blue Deckert


Renée O'Connor - Jennifer Winslow
Jane Badler - Shelby Collins
Peter Sherayko - Travis Winslow
Julia Montgomery - Lindsay Devereaux
Blue Deckert - Coy Harker
Tom Heard - Mel the Bartender
Marco Perella - Charlie
Bill Bolender - Grimes
Quentin Morgan - Dexter
Cheryl King Yarmo - Elise the Waitress
Thomas Clemente - Gen. Oches
Joe de Los Santos - Ochoa's driver
Karen Williams - Tiffany
Michael Mascoll - Patrolman
Kelvin Shepard - Poker hood
Mark Eliot - Worker #1
Bruce Carbonara - Worker #2

Couple at bar
Melissa Lang & Mark D Brown

Harker's gang:
Bob Carey, J.T. Stamper, David Sanders
Harker's poolside assistant:
Corinne Basinger
Harkers Driver Lee: Lee Barret

Randy Brooks - The Afrikan
African's driver: Arland Bishop
African's women:
Christa Buchingham, Althea Nurse
African's gang:
Oscar Carles, Carl Green, Ricco Aguilar,
Francis Jones, Tony Ball

Other cast:
Wayne Dehart, Louis Gusemano,
David Baur, Tommy Townsend