BOOGEYMAN 2 - with Renée O'Connor as Dr. Jessica Ryan

Director:     Jeff Betancourt
Producer:     Gary Bryman, Steve Hein
Screenplay:     Brian Sieve, Eric Kripke
Co-starring:     Danielle Savre, Matt Cohen, Christine Griffith, Mae Whitman
US Release Date:     8 January 2008
Length:     93 minutes (89 min. in Greece)
Genre:     Suspense Thriller/Horror
Interesting Character Scale (Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):     six
Aspect Ratio::    2.35:1
Best scene for O'Connor:     GROUP THERAPY SESSION

In an attempt to deal with a debilitating phobia, Laura Porter checks herself into a mental institution. What could go wrong? Turns out confronting one's fears is a good thing only if those fears are unfounded.

Hospital on the hill O'Connor has a peripheral role in this film, although her character has the most elaborate death of any. She is a staffmember at the hospital where all the mayhem takes place. The mayhem is reasonably creative but extremely gory, and a lot of the gore is completely unnecessary. Room was left in the story for a sequel (which did indeed happen). The best performance in the movie comes from Mae Whitman. (Remember the misguided remake of Bionic Woman in 2007? Whitman was Becca Sommers in the unaired pilot. She was also Sarah Tuttle in one FRIENDS episode.)

Joseph Loduca, who did the music for Xena:Warrior Princess, wrote the score for this film.

The film had a theatrical releasse in Russia, Venezuela, Italy and Mexico. In the US it went straight to DVD, where it was labeled "Unrated Director's Cut", although there is no other cut available.

Tom Lenk (Perry) was Andrew Wells in 27 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Apparently, the boogeyman has many names. The film was named differently in different countries:

ItalyIl ritorno dell'uomo neroThe Return of the Black Man
GermanyWenn die Nacht Dein Feind wirdWhen the Night is Your Enemy
MexicoEl nombre del miedoThe Name of Fear
ArgentinaEl hombre de la bolsaThe Man With the Bag
VenezuelaTerror en la oscuridadTerror in the Dark


Dr. Jessica Ryan Preparing for CPR Calling for help Heading for the basement Mae Whitman Danielle Savre Laura comforting Allison Matt Cohen Worried Electric scream