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A QUESTION OF FAITH -- Mary Danielson

Renee O'Connor and C. Thomas Howell in A Question of Faith Release Date: 29 September 2017

Three families find themselves at a crossroads. Pastor David Newman is set to take over his father's church. Kate Hernandez is a spiritually driven single-parent and owner of a local restaurant. John Danielson is the owner of a failing construction company. While texting and driving, Maria accidentally hits Eric, son of David, which lands her in jail. While auditioning for a major record label, Michelle, daughter of John, collapses, leading to a discovery about her health.

WATCH THE SKY -- Shannon

Watch the Sky Written and directed by Alexander Murillo. Among others in the cast are Miracle Laurie, Christopher Corbin, Amie Farrell, Jed Sura, and Randy Crowder.

In an effort to capture amateur video of outer space, two young brothers unexpectedly find themselves in harm's way, when an innocent science experiment becomes a day filled with unearthly events threatening their sleepy coastal town.



THE USUAL (short film) - Mrs. Ford

the usual - poster Release date: 1 July 2016

A period piece set in the 1930s paralleling the Great Depression to our current uncertain economic climate. It's about kindness and paying it forward.

Director: Dawn Higgenbotham. Co-stars: Mackenzie Astin, Russel Sams, Raymond O'Connor, Robert C. Pullman, and Dustin Quick.

Raymond O'Connor was Mr. Gretano in DIAMONDS AND GUNS.



Renee O'Connor in LAST CHANCE A woman runs from her complicated past while helping others escape their desperate present.

TV pilot. Carrie, a woman who escaped her own violent past, is newly introduced to the “LCO” (Last Chance Org) by Marnie, a gutsy ex-cop who now reluctantly runs this sort of vigilante underground that helps people break away from desperate situations. Carrie and Marnie work with a team that include volunteers from both sides of the law; from a mouthy hacker, a lawyer, a bitter police captain, a bounty hunter, etc., each bringing their own issues to the table.


Release date: 18 October 2013

Cherami Leigh and her Garage Band

About a TV evangelist confronted with a choice: to take one last chance at regaining the spotlight, or to sacrifice fame and save his wife (O'Connor) and daughter (Cherami Leigh). O'Connor will play Maurene Wells, a romance-novel-reading mom of a Goth 15-year-old. She and her husband Adam, played by Todd Terry, were childhood sweethearts who married over her father's objections. Barry Corbin (the ex-astronaut from Northern Exposure) is Sheriff Burns. Jordan Waker Ross is a character named Clifford. It is produced by Benjamin Dane and Sally Helppie, and directed by its writer, Andrew Librizzi.

Bodie and Brock Thoene BTFS has been turned into a novel by Bodie Thoene (pronounced Tay-nee). It is available in audio, ebook, and paperback formats. The Thoenes have written quite a few books of "historical christian fiction".

Beyond the Farthest Star was the title of the first animated episode of Star Trek, and it was also the name of a novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Both of those are very good and totally unrelated to the film with Renée O'Connor.




Short film and TV pilot. Directed by Renée O'Connor. Written by Kat Grilli. With Lara S. Rigores, Shanna Henderson, Keston John, Randy Crowder, and Adrienne Wilkinson.

A thriller set in a wooded area. Wilkinson plays a detective.

Broken Things poster Renee O'Connor, Kat Grilli, and Andre Pinon


ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Renee O'Connor directing the TV pilot ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Release date: 22 September 2012

TV pilot (unsold) directed by Renée O'Connor. With Julian Moses and Bethany Geaber as two single mothers who decide to share an apartment. Written by Julian Moses. We do not see the children in the pilot, but one of them, a 17 year old, is amed Zena.


INFINITY - (short film) - Elizabeth

Renee O'Connor in the short film INFINITY Produced by ROC Pictures. Directed by Randy Crowder (see Words Unspoken). Written by Barry Bostwick. Starring Renée O'Connor, Stephanie Sheh, Pat Crawford-Brown, Jed Sura, Andrew Pinon, J. Nicole Brooks (formerly known as DeAnna N.J. Brooks), and Iris Sura O'Connor. J. Nicole Brooks is is a member of the LOOKINGGLASS THEATRE COMPANY Ensemble in Chicago.

INFINITY is about Elizabeth, someone who has a perfect life and a perfect daughter, until events make her perfect life unravel rather quickly. ROC VIDEO CHANNEL in November has behind the scenes video of INFINITY, in which preparations are made for a scene with O'Connor in a sickbed. Mention is made of another scene that has something to do with the garden of Eden. Apparently there is a twist at the end. The film is at least partially about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.



Release date: 5 April 2011 - DVD

Renee O'Connor showering in Deadrise

Formerly "Fitful". In this film, Paula is an inspector for the Historic Trust who visits an abandoned ship. She meets the self-appointed caretaker, Vigs (Larry Joe Campbell), who had made the application for historical status. Moments after her arrival, her car is disabled and she is stuck, leading to a sleepless night of bad dreams and creepy reality. The Bihlman Bros. song "Angel Wings" is featured in the movie.

Deadrise poster Co-starring Larry Joe Campbell, with Grant R. Krause and Nate Mitchell. Directed by Rich Brauer.

StarScoop has an interview with O'Connor about DEADRISE, and the Traverse City Record-Eagle has an article about the film.

O'Connor has a shower scene. The remarkable thing is that up till now, she has never had a shower scene in any of her films. (There are a couple of short films I haven't seen, so I could be wrong.)


2010: MOBY DICK release date 23 November 2010 - Dr. Michelle Herman

Renée O'Connor as Dr. Michelle Herman in 2010:MOBY DICK

Barry Bostwick (Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", Mayor Winston in "Spin City") is Ahab in The Asylum's version of Moby Dick. In the modern adaptation of Herman Melville's novel, Ahab captains a hi-tech submarine, and pursues the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him. Also starring Adam Grimes (Lobster Boy in one episode of Buffy, and Dr. Klye Julian in General Hospital Night Shift) as Starbuck and Michael Teh as Queequeg. Directed by Trey Stokes.

ARK - Connie Miller - (webseries)

Scene from episode one of Ark Connie Miller climbs out of hi-tech grave

ROC stars in the Riverworldy drama, waking up offplanet after falling asleep on the couch. Marjo-Riikka Makela and Adam Cardon (Detective Anderson in the film Diamond Dawgs) co-star.

All episodes of the ARK webseries are now available on HULU. They are only available in the US as far as I can tell. Marc Hustvedt spoke with Gabe Sachs, Trey Stokes, Robbie Thompson, and Renée O'connor for Tubefilter about the series.

Explaining the appearance of ARK episodes on HULU, Trey Stokes told AUSXIP: "Syfy and hulu are both affiliated with NBC/universal, so this came about as a result of the syfy 'interest'. It happened very fast, all within the past week...I just took over that long-dormant Ark page on YouTube, and the episodes will all show up there after we see how we fare on hulu. We might throw some other extras on there as well."

Composer Jon Vandergriff posted the music for ARK online.


BITCH SLAP - Sister Batril

Renee O'Connor and Lucy Lawless in BITCH SLAP

The movie is a spoof of exploitation films. There is one scene that contains Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, and America Olivo.     Michael Hurst, Kevin Sorbo, and Zoe Bell are also in the film. There are behind-the-scenes video clips and promos at AUSXIP.


O'Connor directed this short film in which she plays the sister of the main character. The best roles she gets are those in films she herself produces. This film deals with the legal and social consequences of honoring the final wishes of others. Tembe Locke (nurse) will be Veronica McFall in RACE TO JUDGEMENT (2014?)

Tembi Locke, who plays a nurse in Words Unspoken and will be Veronica McFall in A STATE OF HATE, was Grace Monroe on SyFy Channel's EUREKA.

Also with Randy Crowder, Julian Moses, Andrew Pinon, Christopher Shaw, and Jed Sura.


MONSTER ARK - Dr. Ava Greenway

First aired 9 August 2008 on SyFy.

Renée O'Connor in Monster Ark Renée O'Connor in Monster Ark

With Tim DeKay, Amanda Crew, Carlos Leon, Bill Parks, Richard Gnolfo, Tommy Nohilly, and Vlado Mihailov.

Archaeologist Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro and two of his students locate the last of the dead sea scrolls, which contains the complete book of Genesis. He has his ex-wife Ava translate the thing and the scroll says that that God had Noah build a second ark.


DIAMONDS AND GUNS - direct to video production - Ashley

O'connor trying on costume in Diamonds and Guns O'Connor becoming ill in Diamonds and Guns

Co-stars Helena Beaven, with Jed Sura, Raymond O'Connor, and Ted Raimi.

Main protagonist (Beaven) is getting tossed from the US by its Immigration Dept. She and her friend (ROC) go to Vegas to get her married to a US citizen. Hilarity ensues. OK not the most original story line, but it has its moments. The introductory scene, with Ashley rehearsing for some sort of Disney dance number is one of them.


One episode (Season Three - Episode Fifteen) A Higher Power
First aired - 9 April 2008

Renée O'Connor in Crimminal Minds Renée O'Connor as Pam Bateman

Murders being made to look like suicide with an obscure psychological motive to be uncovered by the regular cast. ROC gives a good performance as the wife of one of the victims.

Also guest-starring in this episode: Blake Robbins, Myk Watford, Zakareth Ruben, Rod Britt, and Jennifer Aspen. (Aspen was Kendra Giardi on GLEE.)


BOOGEYMAN 2 - direct to video production - Dr. Jessica Ryan

Dr. Jessica Ryan dies in Boogeyman 2 In a mental institution, many of the patients and staff end up dead (Dr. Ryan gets killed). The killer has obscure psychological motivations that eventually come to light, but seem to leave room for another sequel. A sometimes interesting movie. Lucy Lawless was in the first Boogeyman film (2005). Michael Graziadei (Darren) is Daniel Romalotti on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Tobin Bell (Dr. Allen) was Marshall Errickson in FALSE IDENTITY. Danielle Savre (Laura Porter) was Marcia Brady in the X-Files episode "Sunshine Days". Others in the cast include Matt Cohen, Chrissy Griffith, and Mae Whitman.


GHOST TOWN: The Movie - Little Jack

Renée O'Connor in Dan Teaster's Ghost Town

Based on the factual history of a town in North Carolina and Dan Teaster's ancestors, this is a tale of vigilantism and hill folk in the 19th Century. Well put together. Directed by Dan Teaster and Jeff Kennedy. Co-starring Herbert Coward, Bill McKinney, D.J. Perry, and Sammy Kershaw. Written by D.J.Perry and Dean Teaster.



ALIEN APOCALYPSE - Captain Kelly Lanahan

First aired 26 March 2005 on SyFy

Renee O'Connor being punished by minions of the insect overlords in Alien Apocalypse Bruce Campbell and Renée O'Connor

The Syfy Channel makes few good movies, and this is not one of them, though Bruce Campbell is quite funny, and O'Connor gets to say very little and look pretty a lot.

French DVD cover for Alien Apocalypse Astronauts returning from a long trip find the earth occuppied by rather large termites. They also find the enslaved remnants of humanity somewhat demoralized. Campbell rallies the troops (as it were) and leads a successful insurgency. For the record, the square/cube law precludes termites of that size in this gravity. Peter Jason (President Demsky) was Alan Baird (uncredited) in MILK.

Others in the cast: Remington Franklin, Michael Cory Davis, Neda Sokolovska, Vladimir Kolev, Valentin Giasbeily, and Chavdar Simeonov as the alien leader.




O'Connor as Meg McDermott O'Connonr as Meg in One Weekend a Month

Short film directed by Renée O'Connor (can be viewed on YouTube). This is really a one-woman show if you don't count the kids, about a single mom and her impending deployment to Iraq. Produced by Eric Escobar and Taura Musgrove.

DOUBLE DARE - herself

Double Dare is a documentary about two stuntwomen, Jeannie Epper and Zoë Bell (Bell doubled Xena.) It includes interviews with Renée O'Connor. (video below)



Renée O'Connor in Enter Enter

Cast: Chris Dollard, Kristen Dollard, Renée O'Conner, Andy Pinon, Jed Sura, Steven Yell, Amy Yell.

Short film entered in the Anita Jessie 2003 Fall Film Festival. Produced by: Chris Dollard and Jed Sura. Directed, Written, and Edited by: Chris Dollard. Director of Photography: William White. 1st A.D.: Dawn Higginbotham.

Have not seen this. Don't know what it's about. Amy Yell was a waitress in DIAMONDS & GUNS


MATAKU - episode title: The Heirloom - cameo as American Buyer

First aired 19 December 2002 (New Zealand)

Renée O'Connor as American Buyer in Mataku ROC as American Buyer in Mataku

Sort of New Zealand's Twilight Zone, this series is worth watching. I would never have discovered it had ROC not done her 30 second cameo.

Tamati Rice (Jonathan), whose real name is Tamati Te Nehotu, was Raphael in 3 episodes of Xena, Vercinix and Garel in two others. His first film appearance was in The Piano (Pito). Sara Wiseman (Petra - seen talking to O'Connor in the above photos), was Hephates in the HERCULES episode "Once Upon a Future King". Her first acting role was as an unnamed woman in the XENA episode "Prometheus".


Mataku is apparently no longer available on DVD.