MONSTER ARK - with Renée O'Connor as Dr. Ava Greenway

Director:     Declan O'Brien
Producer:     Jeffrey Beach & Phillip J. Roth
Screenplay:     Berkeley Anderson & Declan O'Brien
Co-starring:     Tim DeKay, Amanda Crew
Release Date:     9 August 2008
Length:     84 minutes
Aspect ratio:    1.33:1
Genre:     SciFi/Fantasy
Interesting Character Scale
(Meg McDermott=10, Lorraine Beasley=0):

The Monster Ark Monster Archaeologist Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro and two of his students locate the last of the dead sea scrolls, which contains the complete book of Genesis. He has his ex-wife Ava translate the thing and the scroll says that that God had Noah build a second ark, to house a creature so nasty that the flood would not be able to destroy it (perhaps it could breathe water?). The location of this second ark was kept secret because its contents needed to be separated from the rest of creation.

Although the film is less than wonderful, this is one of Renée O'Connor's better roles.

While emphasizing the religious aspect of the scrolls and the second arc, the film completely neglects a rather obvious science fiction-y explanation for the story. It seems reasonably possible (within the context of this story) that the creature imprisoned in the ark evolved on another planet, became a fugitive, and was pursued to earth by another alien (let's call him god), who enlisted the assistance of the natives to imprison the beastie.

The church guy who takes the ark away at the end does mention that knowledge of things such as this would "shake the foundations of faith".


Renee O'Connor Opening the jar Dr. Greenway and her assistants Carlos Leon Amanda Crew Greenway explains


Renée O'Connor - Dr. Ava Greenway
Tim DeKay - Dr. Nicholas Zavaterro
Tommy Lister Jr. - Sgt. Gentry
Amanda Crew - Joanna
Carlos Leon - Belus
Bill Parks - Russell
Richard Gnolfo - Wilson
Tommy Nohilly - Coles
Vlado Mihaylov - Martinez
Michael Straub - Hutch
Hristo Motzkov - Belus' Lieutenant
George Zlatarev - Iraqi Captain Backhar
Dan Yarmoluk - Mr. Fasanella
Chris Thompson - Mr. Windheim
Todd Jensen - Cain
Atanas Srebrev - Noah
Velislav Pavlov - Laborer
Stefan Shtereff - Insurgent #1
Bashar Rahad - Insurgent #2

Amanda Crew and Bill Parks Renee O'Connor and Tim DeKay