ROC filmography bannner 1987-1991



STONE COLD - checkout clerk
(character referred to only as "Tinselteeth")

Renee O'Connor as Tinselteeth in STONE COLD Joe Huff is angry at the system for handling criminals with kid gloves. Joe is a cop on suspension, but the FBI asks him to go undercover in Mississippi and infiltrate a white supremacist biker gang that runs drugs. Starred Brian Bosworth, Lance Henrikson, William Forsythe, and Arabella Holzbog. Directed by Craig R. Baxley (who as an actor was Mr. R.I.N.G. in 4 episodes of KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER in 1975).

O'Connor's first name is listed in the credits as RENE. Her character is called Tinselteeth presumably because she wears braces, although there is no visual indication that she does. Tinselteeth appears only in the first few minutes of the film.

Other countries, other titles:

Syntynyt vaaralliseksi Finland Born Dangerous
Dur comme stone Canada Hard as Stone
Forza d'urto Italy Concussion
Duro Como Aço Portugal Hard as Steel
Frío como el acero Spain Cold as Steel
Kalt wie Stein Germany Cold as Stone
Psyhros antipalos Greece Cold Opponent
A Fùria do Justiceiro Brazil The Fury of Justice
A sangre fría Argentina In Cold Blood

Renée O'Connor afloat in an innertube and reading D.H. Lawrence in 'Changes'

TV news anchor Melanie Adams falls in love with heart surgeon Peter Hallam. They get married. Each has children from previous marriages (but not as many as the Bradys). One of the boys gets one of the girls pregnant (not ROC). Main focus of Ladd's character seems to be to get her new husband (Michael Nouri) to take down that painting in the living room.

The film starred Cheryl Ladd. O'Connor plays he quiet younger sister again. Plot is soap-opera-ish. Not having to recite too much of the dialogue written by Ms. Steel must have been a mercy.


THE LESS THAN PERFECT DAUGHTER (ABC Afterschool Specials) - Linda

Very bad teen-oriented thing. Teenager wants to be more independent. Mom doesn't want her to. Arlene Taylor (Jeri) was Monica Creel in Sworn to Vengeance (see 1993). Also in the cast were Andrea Elson, Michael Kopelow (who played an unnamed student in the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer film with Kristy Swanson), Leia Kim, Michael Pritchard, and Debbie Morgan.

Renee O'Connor on The Price Is Right Renee O'Connor on The Price Is Right

O'Connor was a contestant. SHERRIEB77'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL has video of this.

Everything prior to 1991, with the exception of Tales From the Crypt, is available only on VHS as far as I can tell.


TALES FROM THE CRYPT (HBO) - Waitress (1 episode)

tales from the crypt season 2 dvd cover episode title: The Switch (Season Two Episode Two- ROC scenes deleted)
Directed by Arnold Swartzenegger - Waitress

Starred William Hickey (Don Corrado Prizzi in PRIZZI'S HONOR), Rick Rossovich, Kelly Preston, Roy Brocksmith, and Ian Abercrombie. Rich old guy sells his soul to look young. O'connor's scenes were entirely removed.

FALSE IDENTITY - Angela Errickson

Geneviève Bujold plays Rachel, a radio personality who discovers a Purple Heart at a garage sale. Traking its history, she discovers that it belonged to Harlan Errickson ( Stacey Keach), the long-lost brother of a prominent local man, who does not seem that hard to find. ROC plays Errickson's daughter.

Among others in the cast were Veronica Cartwright, Anne Bloom, Tobin Bell, and Todd Jeffries. The episode was directed by James Keach, who also directed the award-winning 2017 Alzheimers documentary "Turning Point".

The film had other titles in other places:

Kytevä viha Finland Smoldering Anger
Dans la peau d'un mort France In the Skin of a Corpse
Identitá sepolta Italy Identity Buried
Identidade Perdida Portugal Lost Identity
Falsa identidad Spain False Identity
Labyrinth der Vergangenheit West Germany Labyrinth of the Past


NIGHT GAME - Lorraine Beasley

Renée O'Connor as Lorraine Beasley in Night Game

Components are: a serial killer, Houston Astro's baseball (fictionalized), and heavy borrowing from some film I've seen somewhere but I don't quite know which. The killer only kills on nights when one of Houston's pitchers wins.

Cast: Roy Scheider, Karen Young, Lane Smith, Richard Bradford, Paul Gleason, Carlin Glynn, Anthony Palmer, Alex Morris, Michelle Cochran, Marco Perells, and Lisa Hart Carroll.

NIGHT GAME was distributed widely in Europe, and was known by various titles (see table below).

Armoton peli Finland A Ruthless Game
Meurtres en nocturne France Murder By Night
Egy null a halàlnak Hungary A Zero Death
partita con la morte Italy Playing With Death
Assassino Sem Rosto Portugal Faceless Killer
Nocna igra Serbia Night Game
Juego de noche Spain Game Night
Dödlig seger Sweden Fatal Victory
MATCH POINT - (Mickey Mouse Club) - Robin Metcalf

Renee O'Connor in Match Point Top: Robin Metcalf (ROC) accepting trophy and Bottom: best friend Francie

A Disney show, co-starring Brian Krause as Metcalf's boyfriend Bart, Anthony Palmero as Jason, Zero Hubbard as Joel, and Evan Richards as Runkle. Drama centered around a tennis competition among teens. O'Connor's character has a cocker spaniel named Rocky. She defeats her best friend Francie (Crystal Justine) in the final match. Sherrieb77's YouTube Channel has a bunch of clips from this.

BLACK SNOW - (ROC's first full length film) - Jennifer Winslow
Renée O'Connor in "Black Snow"Renée O'Connor in "Black Snow"

In 1990, this film was released in France and Portugal under the title La preuve par 9 mm (Proof by 9mm), and as Missão Droga (Drug Mission).

Travis Winslow (Peter Sherayko), whose wife has recently died, finds out that his brother Matt is dead. Little does he know that Matt died without telling anyone where his last shipment of Cocaine was hidden. Naturally enough, folks needing to find that shipment come after Travis under the misapprehension that he knows where it is.

This confusion gets Travis' father killed and his daughter Jennifer (Renée O'Connor) kidnapped. I'm not sure what the point to this film might be, but O'Connor gets a lot of screen time, gets to ride a horse, and gets tied up. Co-starring Jane Badler, Julia Montgomery, and Randy Brooks.


TEEN ANGEL - serial (The New Mickey Mouse Club) - Nancy Nichols

Renée O'Connor in Teen Angel

There was another Teen Angel series about 8 years later. Do not confuse the later series with this one. The 1989 series is completely unavailable as far as I can tell. Nancy Nichols apparently had a dog named Elvis, and rode around in her boyfriend Dennis Mullen's 57 Chevy convertible. Dennis Mullen was played by Adam Biesk. Jason Priestly was the angel.

the 57 Chevy and a Dog named Elvis

Sherrieb77's YouTube Channel has clips.


Just as the title specifies. Made for Randall's Food Market, a chain of 116 supermarkets in Austin, Dallas, and Houston, Texas.



Renee O'Connor in Threadgill's ad Sandra Wilson, Renee O'Connor's mother O'Connor did an ad for Threadgill's, the Austin, Texas restaurant owned by her mother, Sandra Wilson and her stepfather Eddie Wilson. The restaurant is famed for being the site of Janis Joplin's first performance.

HAUNTED THEATER - Amateur Production - lead dancer

These clips used to be on the Official ROC site but have been taken down. The quality is not good, but here they are.

Renee O'Connor in MacDonald's ad


Was featured in a "quarter back" promotion for the McChicken sandwich with Warren Moon. Moon is currently a broadcaster for the Seattle Seahawks and is one of only two football players to be included in both the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and the U.S. Pro Football Hall of Fame.


Renee O'Connor as Cinderella


O'Connor got to dress up as Cinderella in the most incredibly strange outfit. There is a video of this in the archives of the RENEE O'CONNOR VIDEO CHANNEL.


Speculative documentary on beginnings of human language. Lots of questionable reasoning. Good production though. The cast list includes someone named Renee O'Connor listed in the credits as one of the eleven "pre-historic people". According to the Official Xena Fan Club, when asked about it, Ms. O'Connor stated that she had "no memory of that". The film was made by Paul Jay for TV Ontario. If ROC was in this one, substantial makeup would have been required. The whole film is avaiable on YouTube. Here is one clip:


Porky Pig at Six Flags

This was O'Connor's first paid "acting" job. It might have been at SIX FLAGS OVER TEXAS in Arlington, but inasmuch as she resided near Houston, the Houston park, ASTRO WORLD, seems more likely.