Renee O'connor's Stunt Doubles


Other than doubling Gabrielle, she also worked as stunt double on Hercules TLJ. Height: 1.63m, Hair: brown, Shoe size: 6, Measurements: 34-26-34. Lately, she has done stunts for Avatar.

Min Windle


Tammy Barker

Now an Australian radio host, Tammy Barker has appeared in TV ads in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and Switzerland, though I haven't been able to find out just which ads. Besides being a stunt double for Gabrielle, she has doubled for guest actors on both Hercules (the Legendary Journeys), and Xena. Hair: blonde, Eyes: Green, Height: 1.54m, Weight: 55kg.

Tammy Barker had a role in this video: