WATCH THE SKY - with Renée O'Connor as Shannon

Director:    Alexander Murillo
Producers:     Renée O'Connor and Jed Sura
Screenplay:     Alexander Murillo
Co-starring:     Jed Sura, Miles Muir, Miracle Laurie
US Release Date:     21 August 2018
Length:     87 minutes
Genre:     Science Fiction

Sean Neary (Miles Muir) sends his science experiment aloft, and on that same day, strange things begin to happen in the area. Cattle die, a 90-year-old farmer disappears, and a strange weather pattern delays a softball game. A long-abandoned military base reopens without notifying anyone (including Sheriff Neary) of their intent to do that. Sean and his brother are completely unaware of these events. They are at a remote location, waiting for the results of their experiment.

The farmer's wife is taken to hospital, and is found to be suffering from radiation poisoning. She had no contact with alien technology, just with aliens, so this is illogical. No complex life form would be radioactive. The mutation rate would be too high.

WATCH THE SKY is an intriguing film, but it seems to end for no particular reason, with plenty of issues left to resolve. We get lots of interesting background on the characters, and little use is made of it. How did Shannon and the Sheriff meet? Did Sean's mother die of cancer and was it caused by excessive radiation? The Sheriff's deputy seems to be a recent hire. What happened to his old deputy? What exactly is the relationship between Jane (the teacher who drew the sketch of the alien Polly saw) and the Sheriff? They seem to know each other quite well. Did the production company run out of money and decide to end things precipitously?

A sequel is needed.


Aime Farrell and Renee O'Connor Iris Sura O'Connor Karen Fumo and Randy Crowder Miracle Laurie Renee O'Connor Renee O'Connor and Jed Sura J. Nicole Brooks Miles Muir and Karson Kern


Renée O'Connor - Shannon
Iris Sura O'Connor - Emily
Jed Sura - John Neary
Miles Muir - Shawn Neary
Karson Kern - Michael Neary
Luke Albright - Steve Neary
J. Nicole Brooks - Jane
George Caleodis - Coach Gale
Randy Crowder - Randal
Amie Farrell - Diane
Kris Frost - Deputy Robert
Karen Furno - Polly
Adrianne Grady - Nurse
Tom Kiesche - Jurassic Bob
Miracle Laurie - Laura Neary
Carol Mansell - Martha
Michael Morales - Roberto
Mike Muscat - Ted
Marissa Skell - Melissa
Dax Spanogle - Dash
Katyana Spruth - Cute Girl
Taylor Sutherland - Sam
Delpaneaux Wills - Cpl. Carpio
Regen Wilson - Doctor Martin
Matt Chris Wood - Billy
Chris Corbin - Rick
Fishing boy 1 - Jack Ghekiere
Fishing boy 2 - Brendon Lauderdale
Fishing girl - Helena Ghekiera

CIA operatives - Jack Podell, Jeremy Wenger, Goeff Lloyd