**-Column five has been removed from the tables on this page. Information from that column (Ultimate Fate) is now included in the third column.


CYANE ILifebloodBrought from future by Samsara to lead the Tretomlec. Renamed the tribe Amazons.Selma Blair
CYANE IIYoung Hercules - episodes 5, 9, 11, 12, 46, and 49Has many conflicts with HerculesKatrina Browne
CYANE IIIAdventures in the Sin Trade I&IIkilled by XenaVictoria Pratt
CYANE IVKindred Spirits, LifebloodConservative queen. Not happy with Gabrielle's liberalism. Shelley Edwards
CYANE VTo Helicon and Back, Path of VengeanceSecond in command to Varia Morgan Reese Fairhead


AltiWhen Fates Collide, Send In The Clones, Them Bones Them Bones, Between The Lines, Adventures in the Sin Trade I&IIShaman driven from her Siberian Amazon tribe by Cyane I - exploded in India Claire Stansfield
AmariceThem Bones Them Bones, Animal Attraction, Chakram, Fallen Angel, The Ides of March, Endgame Not an amazon at the start - killed defending the northern tribesJennifer Sky
AmoriaLyre Lyre Hearts on Fire?Gillian Iliana Waters
BaneTo Helicon and BackAmazon soldier killed at HeliconEmmeline Hawthorne
Chi'ahThem Bones Them BonesMystic. Guardian of the amber. Revealed Amarice to be a fake amazon. Donogh Rees
ChilapaEndgameBecame Queen of the Telaquire Amazons after Ephiny's death and Gabrielle's abdication. Alive at series end. Nicole Whippy
EphinyHooves and Harlots, Is There a Doctor in the House?, The Quest, A Necessary Evil, Maternal Instincts, Endgame, Last of the Centaurs, The Bitter Suite, Sky High (Hercules), Prodigal Sister (Hercules) Married Phantes, a centaur. Their child was named Xenan. killed by Brutus while protecting AmariceDanielle Cormack
EponinHooves and HarlotsGreek amazon weapons instructor taught Gabrielle to use staff Tanya Dignan
ErisLifeblood, Kindred Spiritsblonde bather speaking to Rhea in the waterMorgan Reese Fairhead
GabrielleAll episodesBecame an Amazon when Terreis gave her the right of casteRenee O'Connor
Gwyn-TeirTo Helicon and Back, Path of VengeanceQueen of her tribe. Wounded at Helicon Kirstie O'Sullivan
KanaePath of Vengeance?Marise Wipani
KarinaLifebloodQueen of the Tretomlec before the first Cyane.Claudia Black
MagdaComing Home, Dangerous PreyAmazon Queen. Mother of Varia. killed by Prince MorlochSela Apera
MagdelusHooves and HarlotsAssisted Eponin in Gabrielle's training. Aurora Phillips
Mawu-KaTo Helicon and Back, Path of VengeanceQueen of her tribe. Name is same as that of the Mawuka people who live in the NW Ivory Coast.Michelle Blanchard
MelosaHooves and HarlotsQueen for an episode. killed by Velasca Alison Bruce
OlanLifeblood, Amazon High (TV Movie) Cyane I's sidekick. Name means "arctic hysteria" in Tungus. Can talk to animals.Monica McSwain
OtereAdventures in the Sin TradeOrphan who became Queen of the Siberian Amazons - alive at series end Sheeri Rappaport (older) Sanelle Vosloo (younger)
RheaKindred SpiritsOne of the bathers Joxer was watching. Wanted to have Joxer's baby. Joy van Uden
SamsaraLifebloodStone age Tretolmec. Left tribe when could not adopt Cyane's peaceful ways. Danielle Cormack
SolariA Necessary Evil, The QuestHelped to defeat Velasca. killed by Brutus' troopsJodie Dorday
TerreisHooves and Harlots Princess who gave her right of caste to Gabrielle - killed by one of Krykus' men trying to provoke a war between amazons and centaurs Rebekah Mercer
TaraLifeblood?Peta Rutter
Trudis*To Helicon and Backsuicide mission volunteer killed at Helicon Linda McFetridge
TuraPath of VengeanceVaria's sister, presumably drowned after Livia threw her overboard when she could not be sold as a slave. (according to Ares)Mia Koning
TyroTo Helicon and Back?Madeleine Sami
VariaTo Helicon and Back, Path of Vengeance, Dangerous Prey, Coming Home Second-in-command to Queen Marga of the Amazons. When Morloch kills Marga, Xena trains her to become queen. alive at series end Tsianina Joelson
VelascaA Necessary Evil, The QuestKilled Melose to become queen. Died encased in lava. Melilnda Clarke
YakutLifeblood, Them Bones, Them Bones, Adventures in the Sin Trade I&II Stone age shaman who accidentally allowed Alti to return from the dead. killed in battle against unspecified enemiesKate Elliott
Zana*Dangerous Preyrecognized by Gabrielle when they arrive in the Amazon Camp Sara Wiseman
Amazon voiceAmphipolis Under Siege, Gabrielle's Hope?Melodee Spevack
young AmazonKindred Spirits?Charlotte Corner
unnamed amazonThem Bones Them Bones?Rachel Hayward
unnamed AmazonPath of Vengeance?Li-Ming Hu

*character listed in credits only as "Amazon"


ChillaHercules and the Amazon Womenhad a daughter with Hector the Gargarencian. Taught young Amazons how to fight Nina Sosanya
EphinySky High, Prodigal Sister, 8 Xena episodes Married Phantes, a centaur. Their child was named Xenan. killed by Brutus while protecting AmariceDanielle Cormack
KaylaLove Amazon Stylecentral Amazon character of episodeSimone Kessell
HippolytaHercules and the Amazon WomenQueen of amazon tribe near Gargarencia. died a suicide Roma Downey
IllaHercules and the Amazon Women?Fiona Mogridge
JanaHercules and the Amazon Womenscenes cut from filmSimone Kessell
LilithA Wicked Good Time, The AcademyMother of SeskaSusan Brady
LucenneProdigal Sisterbest friend of Siri - killed in combat/td>Marama Jackson
LysiaHercules and the Amazon Women?Lucy Lawless
MayamProdigal SisterQueen of Amazon tribe killed by HerculesTina Cleary
(Rhea?)*Love Amazon Style, Kindred Spirits - XWP?Joy van Uden
SeskaA Wicked Good Time, The AcademyDaughter of Lilith and JasonJodie Rimmer
SiriProdigal SisterQueen of her tribe after the death of MayamKatrina Browne
old AmazonHercules and the Amazon Women?Vicki Burrett
big AmazonLove Amazon Style?Sharon James-Norman
gorgeous Amazon (Sula?)Love Amazon Stylesent by Deimos to make trouble between Haephestus and Aphrodite Sonia Gray
unnamed AmazonLove Amazon Style?Amber Sainsbury
unnamed AmazonLove Amazon Style?Katrina Misa

*character listed in credits only as "Amazon"


CyaneGirl Trouble, Amazon Grace, Battle Lines I&II, Under Siege, Ill Wind Queen separated from the rest of her tribe by Zeus, rescued from captivity by HerculesKatrina Browne
Lilith26 episodesHead of Telaquire scouting party reporting directly to Cyane Jodie Rimmer
LupreaIll WindinfoKatherine Kennard
Melina?infoSheba Withers
MilaMila (episode 47)Ares tries to get her to kill HerculesSonia Gray
SimulaGirl Trouble, Amazon Grace, Battle Lines I&II, Under Siege, Ill Windinfo Alison Bruce