Near as I can tell, the 6 inch action figures were ORPHAN OF WAR with Spinning Staff Attack, and GRIEVING GABRIELLE (from The Bitter Suite and with young Hope). The 12 inch series consisted of ORPHAN OF WAR, AMAZON PRINCESS (from The Quest), a basic Gabrielle action figure, and EMPRESS GABRIELLE (from The Bitter Suite). There was also a bobblehead Gabrielle. There are illustrations of most of these below. Many of these are available on Amazon and eBay.

Here is an excerpt from a Friday, February 13th, 1998 interview with Kate X. Messer of the Austin Chronicle:

AC: There's a Gabrielle doll coming out. How do you feel about being a doll?

RO: Uh, it's kind of strange. At first, I thought, "Oh! That's very embarrassing! You're going to be on someone's bed!"

AC: Do you get any sort of first refusal for the doll's dimensions?

RO: I do, actually, but I don't care about the body, I'm worried about big feet! [laughs] I do get to look at it. I get to see the head sculpture. Now, that's bizarre. When I went in to get a head scan for the doll, I thought, "Oh God, I'm not gonna live through this!" The machine goes all the way around your face and the image pops up on a computer. They show your face, from one edge where the ear meets the face, all the way around to the other edge, then lay it out flat on a computer screen. It's the most grotesque-looking roadkill that you've ever seen. And it's your face, you know? And you think, "Awwww, great, can't wait to see the doll!"

Amazon Princess

Amazon Princess Gabrielle action figure Amazon Princess Gabrielle action figure


Empress Gabrielle Empress Gabrielle

The Generic Gabrielle, and Gabrielle with the Spinning Staff

Gabrielle action figure Gabrielle action figure with spinning staff

Grieving Gabrielle and Orphan of War

Grieving Gabrielle Orphan of War Gabrielle


bobblehead Gabrielle doll