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Ngila Dickson with her Lord of the Rings Oscar Jane Holland with youngest daughter Matariki For the first 90 episodes, the costumes on Xena:Warrior Princess were designed by Ngila Dickson, who also did the costumes for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. She left to work on the LORD OF THE RINGS films for which she won an Oscar, a BAFTA, and a Saturn award.

Ngila Dickson has made one appearance as an actor. It was in the 1981 film STRANGE BEHAVIOR and she was one of eleven "dancers at party". Among the other dancers at party was the late Peta Rutter.

Dickson was replaced by Jane Holland a native of Wales, UK, for the remainder of Xena. Holland later was costume designer for LEGEND OF THE SEEKER. Jane Holland designed the last two costumes for Gabrielle (see chart), and was also responsible for the little blue outfit on ARES HAD A FARM.

Holland has made one appearance as an actor, and that was in the 1992 film RAINBOW WARRIOR. She played a bartender. Lucy Lawless and Allison Bruce were also in that film.

There were eight major costumes worn by Renée O'Connor as Gabrielle in Xena:Warrior Princess. Below is a table that describes each.

Peasant outfitEpisode 1 - SINS OF THE PASTlight blue shirt, and sometimes a darker blue jacketlong brown skirt
The abbreviated peasantEpisode 11 - THE BLACK WOLFblue and brown patterned shirt with exposed midriff Short brown skirt.
Even shorter peasantEpisode 9 - DEATH IN CHAINSblue and brown belly shirt A shortened brown skirtHair is usually tied back
The bilious green sports braEpisode 25 - ORPHAN OF WARA shorter green shirt with exposed midriff and diamond pattern with criss-cross strings in the frontThe skirt is a lighter orange-brown with a belt
Bare shouldersEpisode 49 - THE DIRTY HALF DOZENHer shirt now has a leaf pattern and the shoulders are bare. Skirt is shorter but same colour
The sariEpisode 82 - DEVIyellow long-sleeved belly shirt red and yellowWith red wrist bands. The outfit is sometimes worn with sandals and a yellow scarf.
LeatherEpisode 92 - CHAKRAMthreaded brown leather bra with beads hanging from the bottom and threee straps across the back. Skirt is orange with a brown belt. Leather upper arm bands, silver wrist guards and a white bead necklace. Outfit is destroyed by zombies in THE HAUNTING OF AMPHIPOLIS.
VelvetEpisode 115 - HEART OF DARKNESS short woven red velvet top Red velvet skirt black and silver belt and wrist guards with similar band on her upper right arm. Worn with a pearl necklace.