(aka Rubbernecking) - Ashton


Poster for Accidents Don't Happen. Note picture of Astrid Devi in top right corner

A movie about the individual reactions of a bunch of folks to being stuck in traffic.

The production company, Fenderbender Films, explained that the film had been modified to satisfy a distributor and then the distribution deal fell through and that basically the original film was lost and no one knows who exactly owns what's left. Rubbernecking continues (and probably will continue) to be unavailable.

The film was screened in its original form at several film festivals, the first being the 2001 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival. Directed by: Sean Kinney and Ross H. Martin. Co-starred Corbin Bernsen (retired cop Henry Spencer on Psych) and Astrid Devi. Jennifer Lien, who plays a nurse in this, was Kes in Star Trek: Voyager.

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Renee O'Connor on the phone in ACCIDENTS DON'T HAPPEN


Renée O'Connor - Ashton
Steve Van Wormer - Chris
Corbin Bernsen - Mr. Jones
Sreedevi Mina - Misty
A. Peters - Hitchhiker
Rick Batalla - Franco
Cassandra Beckerman - Mrs. Bumblemeyer
Kyler Fisher - Gus Bumblemeyer
Todd Rowden - Mr. Bumblemeyer
Ken Ruiz - Tripper
Corrie Shenigo - Spring
Summer Shohfi - Macer
Arye Gross - Tommy
Harry Hannigan - Steve
Bill Normyle - Bobby
Kent Toussaint - Kent
Debra Wilson - Julia
Aaron Jones - Paulie
Sean Kinney - Sean
Corey Klemow - Ross
Jennifer Lien - Nurse
Kevin Light - Charlie
Dave Linden - voice of traffic helicopter
Bruce Mercury - guy playing guitar
Gretchen Janke - girl singing with guy playing guitar
Charles Rahi Chun - street cop
Charmaine De Grate - Party Girl #1
Rachel Wolfe - Party Girl #2
Russell Fear - Older Hippie
Lana Ford - Phone Girl
Barbara Holliday - cell phone businesswoman #1
Tracy Mays - cell phone businesswoman #2
Ben McCain - Film Critic
Butch McCain - Disc Jockey
Mark Myers - Sportscaster #1
Charlie Parrish - Sportscaster #2
Robert Thompson - Hitman
David Tik-tin - Sir #1