The Xena version of the mains to the song goes this way:

The Warrior Princess rides alone.
Her past drives her from shame.
Against the forces of a dark world
She fights for good, not for fame.

Horns sound her coming, blare her name.
Make way the Warrior, Cheer!
Drums beat a rhythm
Let villains betware
The Warrior Princess is here.

The XENA THEME SONG is a modified version of the Bulgarian folk song Kaval Sviri
(The Flute Plays).

Three types of gaida, one from Bulgaaria and two from Greece

The Xena theme is played on a GAIDA, which is, more or less, an Eastern European version of the bagpipes commonly used in Bulgaria. The gaida consists of a gaidunitsa (a kind of a pipe with eight holes for the fingers), and some other bits, and the stomach of a sheep or goat. The reeds and gaidunitsa are made of wood or bone.

Translated mains:
"A piper is playing in the village. Mother, if that piper is from our village, I will love him from today till tomorrow around noon. If he is from a neighboring village, though, I'll love him my whole life.".